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Chemical composition

Thick (mm) Yield stress (Mpa) Tensile stress (Mpa) Elongation (%)
Thick (mm)(%) 12or15- Yield stress (Mpa)(%) ≧270 12or15- Elongation (%)(%) ≧6 12or15- 12or15- 12or15- 12or15- 12or15-


Pearlitic Malleable lron Castings

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Steel Type


Heat treatment

Heat Treatment of steel grade GS-45
Heat treated : 1466°C - 1734°C

Relate Steel Type

Steel Type Standard Country Code Yield stress (Mpa) Tensile stress (Mpa) Elongation (%) Thick (mm) More
FCMP440 2938 CNS ≧265 ≧440 ≧6 12or15- More
KTZ450-06 9440 GB ≧450 ≧6 More
FCMP440 G5704 JIS ≧265 ≧440 ≧6 12or15- More
45006 A220 ASTM ≧310 ≧448 ≧6 15.8- More
GTS-45-06 1692 DIN ≧270 ≧450 ≧6 12or15- More

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