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Chemical composition

Yield stress (Mpa) Tensile stress (Mpa) Elongation (%)
Yield stress (Mpa)(%) ≧280 Tensile stress (Mpa)(%) ≧450 ≧280 ≧280 ≧280 ≧280 ≧280 ≧280


Spheroidal Graphite lron Castings

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Steel Type


Heat treatment

Heat Treatment of steel grade FCD450-10
Heat treated : 1751°C - 1831°C

Relate Steel Type

Steel Type Standard Country Code Yield stress (Mpa) Tensile stress (Mpa) Elongation (%) Thick (mm) More
FCD 50 2869 CNS ≦300 ≧450 ≧10 More
QT450-10 1348 GB ≧310 ≧450 ≧10 More
FCD450-10 G5502 JIS ≧280 ≧450 ≧10 More
Gr.65-45-12 A536 ASTM ≧310 ≧448 ≧12 ≦50 More

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