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Chemical composition

Si(%) Al(%) Pb(%) P(%) S(%) Zn(%) Cu(%)
Si(%)(%) ≦0.005 Al(%)(%) ≦0.005 ≦0.005 P(%)(%) ≦1.5 S(%)(%) ≦0.08 ≦0.005 ≦0.005 ≦0.005 ≦0.005 ≦0.005


Bronze Castings

Country Code:

Ni+Co : ≦1.0



Steel Type


Heat treatment

Relate Steel Type

Steel Type Standard Country Code Si(%) Al(%) Pb(%) P(%) S(%) Fe(%) Ni(%)
BC1C 4125 CNS 3.0-7.0
ZCuSn3Zn11Pb4 1176-87 GB 3.0-6.0 2.0-4.0
BC1C H5111 JIS ≦0.01 ≦0.01 3.0-7.0 ≦0.05 ≦0.5 ≦0.35 ≦1.0
C84400 B505 ASTM ≦0.005 ≦0.005 6.0-8.0 ≦1.5 ≦0.08

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