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Special alloy steel, high temperature alloy steel, and high temperature resistant special steel are widely used as superior raw materials for fasteners for automobiles, ships, aviation and other large-scale machinery and equipment industries and fasteners for furniture decoration..

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    Main Parts

    The introduction of advanced production technology, supporting Taiwan automatic heat treatment equipment and German phosphating production line, further improve and expand the product quality and scope.

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    Our Market

    Our special steel is sold to Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Colombia, Paraguay and many other countries and regions.

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    Our Products

    Our main products are: Stainless /High Speed/Tool /Mould /BEARING /ALLOY STRUCTURAL/ GEAR /NICKEL-BASED STEEL

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    Rich Experience

    After years of unremitting efforts and market baptism, the company has developed into an old-fashioned enterprise in the special steel industry.

About us
Welcome to steelfirst Co., Ltd

Steelfirst supply to AISI steel grades and AISI equivalent grades. In addition we are stockists and suppliers of Stainless Steel with precipitation hardening 17/4PH, FV520B, Duplex UNS S31803 and Super Duplex UNS S32760 grades. Austenitic, martensitic and ferritic specifications stocked in a large range of shapes and sizes. We are also steel suppliers of austenitic 11 to 14% High Manganese Steel, which is a work hardening steel grade.. With a wide stock range, you'll find Tool Steel specifications, suitable for cold work, hot work, and plastic mould applications. Also ground Tool Steel products including Silver Steel and Ground Flat Stock. Tool Steel can be supplied to European Standards such as Werkstoff and DIN Specifications. We also supply to AISI steel grades and AISI equivalent grades.

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We have many years experience of special steel sale.

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Superior Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting Rolled            Magnesium Alloy Shapes   Leaded Brass Sheets Plates Strips and Coiled Sheets    Copper and Copper Alloy Seamless Pipes and Tubes


Phosphor Bronze Wires      Alloy Tool Steels(1)       Rolled Steels for Welded Structure       Hot-Rolled Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting Steels for Welded Structure



DIN-AL 99.0        JIS-A1050TE        CNS-5454        JIS-S9CK

GB-LF21        DIN-ALCUMG2        JIS-A5254P        JIS-A1100TW

JIS-SEV245        DIN-GTS-45-06        JIS-A1070 TD        JIS-A5154TD

JIS-TP270/TR270       ASTM-GR.4        DIN-G-CUZN35AL1        CNS-HBSC4

DIN-GGG-NI-CRNB20-2        JIS-FCDANI35        CNS-FCMW330        JIS-TTH340

ASTM-NO. 20        ASTM-NO.60        JIS-FCD400-15       JIS-FCD 700-2

JIS-SS490        DIN-GGL-NICU-CR15-6-2        DIN-G-CUSN5ZNPB       JIS-SNB21-2

ASTM-GR.WCA        DIN-ALMG4.5MN        CNS-SCC5A       DIN-RST34-2

DIN-17MN4        ASTM-C84400        DIN-G-CUZN15SI4       JIS-MP1

CNS-FCMB310        DIN-X12CR-NI17-7        JIS-SUS309S        CNS-ZDC1

CNS-SFNCM80        JIS-SFNCM-1030        CNS-SMNC420        GB-KMTBCR15-MO2-GT

DIN-16MNCR5       JIS-TTP480        CNS-SPV235        DIN-G-CUZN15

CNS-SLA325A        ASTM-GR.65        CNS-SL3N255        JIS-SUS316

CNS-SL3N255        DIN-TSTE 315        JIS-SCMV2-1        CNS-SFCM70

Carbon Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels for Low Temperature Service       Nickel Plates for Pressure Vessels for Low Temperature Service

Heat-Resisting Stainless     Carbon and Alloy Forgings for Pressure Vessels for Low Temperature Service

Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Plates for Pressure Vessels   Chromium Molybdenum Forgings for General use

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Rods, Bars and Wires(Extruded)   Rolled for General Structure

Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Forgings for General use   Carbon Castings   Steel Castings for Welded Structure

High Tensile Strength Carbon Castings and Low Alloy Steel Castings for Structur    High Manganese Casting

Castings for High Temperature and High Pressure Service    Steel Castings for Low Temperature and High Pressure Service

Stainless Castings    Heat Resisting Castings     Gray lron Castings   Spheroidal Graphite lron Castings

Austenitic Cast lron of Flake Graphite    Austenitic Cast lron of Spheroidal Graphite   Abrsion Resisting Cast lron Low Alloy and High Alloy Grade

Blackheart Malleable lron Castings   White Heart Malleable lron Castings   Manganese Chromium Steels for Machine Structural use

Alloy Bolting Materials for High Temperature Service    Alloy Bars for Special Application Bolting Materials

Zinc Alloy Castings   Titanium and Titanium Alloy Sheets,Plates and Strips   Titanium and Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipes

Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tube for Heat Exchangers  Titanium and Titanium Alloy Rods and Bars

Bronze Castings   Phosphor Bronze Castings   Leaded Bronze Castings   Corrosion-Resisting Stainless

Brass Castings    High Strength Brass Castings   Aluminum Bronze Castings  Silicon Bronze Castings

Magnesium Alloy Sheets Plates  Magnesium Alloy Bars   Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels    Steel Sheet/Plates and Strips for Gas Cylinders

  Carbon Plate for Pressure Vessels for Intermediate and Moderate Temperature Service

Mn-Mo and Mn-Mo-Ni Alloy Plates for Boilers and Other Pressure Vessels

Mn-Mo and Mn-Mo-Ni Alloy Plate Quenched and Tempered for Pressure Vessels

High Strength Plates for Pressure Vessels for Intermediate and Moderate Temperature Service

Pearlitic Malleable lron Castings    Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Drawn Pipes and Tubes

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extruded Pipes and Tubes  Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Welded Pipes and Tubes

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Sheets, Plates and Strips  Aluminum Shapes Extruded   Carbon for Machine Structural use

Alumium and Aluminum Alloy Forgings   Carbon Tool Steels   Alumium and Aluminum Alloy Castings

Aluminum Alloy Die Castings



X12Cr MoS17 DIN     X12Cr Ni17 7 DIN    X12Cr Ni188 DIN    X12CrS13 DIN      X15 ASTM     X20Cr13 DIN    X20Cr Ni17-2 DIN    X30Cr13 DIN     X65Cr Mo14 DIN    X90Cr MoV18 DIN
  X105Cr Mo17 DIN     XM7 ASTM    XM7 CNS     XM15J1 CNS      XM27 ASTM     XM27 CNS     Y1Cr13 GB    Y1Cr17 GB    Y1Cr18 Ni9Se GB   Y3Cr13 GB


 00Cr12 GB     00Cr17Ni 13Mo2N     00Cr17Ni 14Mo2   00Cr18  Ni10N    00Cr18Ni 14Mo2Cu2    00Cr19 Ni10-GB    00Cr19Ni 13Mo3   00Cr26Ni 5CrMo2   00Cr27Mo GB   00Cr30 Mo2 GB
 0Cr13-GB        0Cr17Ni 4Cu4Nb GB    0Cr17 Ni7A1 GB      0Cr17Ni-12Mo2N-GB    0Cr18Ni-9Cu3-GB      0Cr18Ni9 GB     0Cr18Ni-11Nb GB    0Cr18 Ni11Ti GB      0Cr18Ni12 Mo2Cu2-GB


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